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Does your Pack recognize and honor the past recipients of the Arrow of Light Award? If it does not, you may want to consider our Pack Plaque. This plaque is in the shape of our Style #1 AoL plaque but instead of having leather loops for an arrow, it has hooks to hang the year bars under it. Each year the Pack will be able to hang another year bar under the previous bar to honor the current Arrow of Light recipients. As an added bonus, each year that the Pack orders 5 or more Arrow of Light awards from us we will supply a FREE year bar. If the Pack has fewer than 5 awards earned, the year bar can be purchased. When you order your Pack Plaque, the first year bar is free no matter how many awards are purchased. You are not limited to the number of names on the year bars as we will make the year bar taller if all of the names for any year will not fit on the standard size bar of 24" wide and 2.5" tall.

Pack Plaque honoring Arrow of Light recipitents
$49.95 with one Year Bar.
To order your Pack Plaque and free first year bar use this form.
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Names, Year
To order additional year bars use this form.
Year, Scout's Names
$14.95 each


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