Arrow of Light Style #2 Blue and Gold


The Style #2 with Blue and Gold Inlay matches the patch design and adds color to the achievement

If unit info is the same on all plaques, you only need to input it once. Please do not use all CAPITAL letters.  We use Drop Caps in our engraving, and using all CAPS adds an extra step for us.

Character Limit (including spaces without reducing font size)
Engraving Line 1 = 10
Engraving Line 2 = 26
Engraving Line 3 = 32
Engraving Line 4 = 28



The Arrow of Light Plaque Style #2 came about for Parents and Leaders who wanted to match the style of the Award itself.  It features the arrow and rays from the patch in Blue and Gold hues similar to the patch itself. It measures 24″x5 5/8″x 3/4″. The Style #2 in blue and gold still can display all your Pack, Location and Date information, while still showing the Scout’s name as the main draw.  This plaque has leather loops at the bottom for displaying a ceremonial arrow (sold separately) and a saw tooth hanger on the rear for easy hanging.


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