Style #4 Engraved Plaque and Arrow Combo


To order multiple plaques  enter each Scout’s Name in the engraving line 1 box, so each name appears on its own line.
Ed Jones
Bill Franks
Joe Scott
Jeff Briggs

Pack 235 Troy, Virginia April 2019

REMEMBER to change quantity in cart to reflect the number of plaques you are ordering.

Character Limit (including spaces without reducing font size)
Engraving Line 1 = 47
Engraving Line 2 = 70



“A Scout is Kind” and as such, we are giving him an arrow with his plaque! The Style #4 Engraved Plaque combo is the best of both worlds! Simplistic plaque design with all the pertinent info engraved and one of our Navajo Arrows included!  This plaque makes it easy to have everything you need for a great Arrow of Light Ceremony and the Scout to have a beautiful way to display his accomplishment at home. Add one of our Career Band Kits and show off ALL the the Scout has earned.  This plaque also includes a saw tooth hanger on the rear for easy wall hanging.

Dimensions: 24″x2.5″x.75″


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